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TextHive for New Hires takes our cutting-edge text messaging platform and streamlines your onboarding process.

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Employee Turnover

The restaurant industry has seen an average of almost 80% turnover in the last 10 years. 

56 Days

Job Changes

In the restaurant industry, an employee changes jobs on average every 56 days. 

1 in 3

Employees Quit

The National Restaurant Association reports 1 in 3 employees quit within their first 90 days. 

Restaurant Onboarding Process

Great Onboarding Can Improve Employee Retention by 82%

Over their first 90 days, your new employee must learn their role and how things operate, build relationships with managers, teammates, and customers, integrate into the restaurant’s culture, begin to take initiative, bring their skills to the table, and deliver results. 

How effective is the onboarding program you’ve developed?

Are your managers adhering to your process? Or are steps being skipped?

Our text-based workflows help you retain your new hires. 

Single Phone Number

All workflows start from a single phone number. So, your new hire can save it, easily recognize messages from you, and stay updated effortlessly!

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Stay Active & Responsive

Our active phone number feature allows employees to send messages to TextHive and receive confirmation before we forward them to management. This ensures prompt responses to their questions.

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AI Assisted Responses

TextHive for New Hires also analyzes incoming messages and attempts to answer inbound questions by comparing them to a list of client-defined keywords. This means that your employees will get answers to their questions even faster while saving you time spent on common communications.

Restaurant staff completing onboarding training
“We are very enthusiastic about the new features and excited about the results we are experiencing. For us, TextHive employee feedback alerted our leaders to an opportunity for improvement at a particular location that was leading to higher-than-average turnover. We were about to step in with facts and fix the issue right away!"
Harrison Eldridge
Copper Cellar

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